About Made With Love

This is my journey from my life as a mother of three boys and a lover of baking to Semi professional cake maker/decorator. I really am beginning from scratch. This is my first EVER attempt at blogging, I also need to create a Facebook page for you guys to follow….and finally if successful enough I intend to create a website.

I will provide all my followers with details, photos and maybe even video logs on how to turn the love of baking into a small family run business. I will provide details of blogging, Vlogging and website creating as well as all the legal requirements such as registering your business, food hygiene requirements in a busy household and eventually bringing in a small income.

My name is Amber and I am a 26 year old mother of 3 young boys aged 9, 5 and 4. I am going to incorporate my passion (hopefully) into a small business. All fingers crossed within the year be selling the products that I have Lovingly made.

Following this blog you can expect to receive consistent updates of new ideas, my decorating experiments (and disasters ;-P) and  the delicious  recipes I use to make and decorate my cakes.

I don’t just bake cakes, I cook and make all manner of things! My favourite being American desserts such as cheesecakes, sweet pies and cinnamon rolls with lashings of sweet toppings. So If you have any requests please, please, please ask and I will provide you with everything I know 😀

Everything REALLY is Made With Love xxx


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